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Mr. Gulbir Singh Madan founded Brahma in 2005, an asset management company that concentrates on the Indian Real Estate Sector. Headquartered in New York, the company is committed to undertake investments towards the development of India’s changing urban landscape. It brings an international management mind set to projects, ensuring state of the art design, stringent quality management and a focus on time bound deliverables. Brahma is committed to bringing the next generation of real estate projects to India. His contribution to society includes these well known project.

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Brahma is focused on Northern India with projects based in Chandigarh and Gurugram. All our residential projects have been planned in close proximity to existing physical and social infrastructure in order to ensure ease of access to schools, hospitals, retail centers and other recreational avenues for our customers. Our retail and commercial projects have been planned near existing and/or planned infrastructure like metros, expressways, airports, high growth corridors, central business districts and affluent catchments to ensure connectivity and footfall.

The Company strives to add value to its portfolio of projects at each stage of the development process including land acquisition, licensing and approval, design and development, sales and marketing and project management. The exponential growth of the Indian economy, increase in corporate and consumer income, as well as foreign investments, allow for significant growth opportunities for our businesses.

Athena is an integrated development in the heart of Gurugram with 1.3 million sq. ft. of premium Retail and Commercial space, Athena will be the city's most Uber destination, first of its kind to shop, dine, meet, commerce ...

Welcome to a neighbourhood where everybody truly knows each other. Where people care for you and you for them. Where what you have, you share. The simple things. Like a winter barbeque with neighbours, your child’s birthday or your 25th wedding anniversary...